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Faulty Series Link and iPlayer Issues

I have had two entirely different faults with my TiVo box and wonder if they are connected.

Firstly, last week I went to use iPlayer and couldn't even find it. Trying to load a program by searching didn't work and on the 'Apps' screen the only option was Netflix. I thought it was taking a while to load so I gave it a few minutes and another icon appeared, Netflix again! I had to give up on trying to actually watch what I wanted, which was annoying as iPlayer functionality is one of the main reasons I got a box in the first place.

Today I went to watch something on Series Link and it hadn't recorded it. No reason given, just not on there at all even though it was on at its normal time. Is this something to expect?

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Re: Faulty Series Link and iPlayer Issues

Iplayer can be slow or buffer. It's a BBC provided app that frankly still needs some work. Having said that it works ok for me most of the time but not for others who seem to have endless problems. If you're on a BBC channel you just press the red button (although of course the BBC in its wisdom is withdrawing the red button services at some point) if that fails to work and you can find the app then try rebooting (off then on). It will take 5/6 minutes to reboot but it often sorts out issues like this. 


As as to the series link check in your recording hiccoughs press home- my shows- recording hiccoughs. You'll get a list of things that haven't recorded and why. Again a reboot will often sort out issues. If it doesn't you'll need to either wait on here and hope a mod notices your post or phone for help