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Faulty Remote ?

When I use the official VM TiVo remote it's very sluggish.

I have two remotes from my first V+HD Box and they also work with the TiVo but do not have the full functionality required to use them as the primary remotes. These two remotes work a lot quicker than the official one and, I do mean a lot quicker.


I'm wondering if my remote is faulty ?

No need to test the TiVo STB itself using thein panel buttons as like I say, other emotes work quicker so it's not the box in itself.

IU discovered these remotes work better a bit too late mind you as I completely wiped my box to default status in order to try and fix the sluggishness as I thought it was the box itself, initially. 


It must be the TiVo remote that's wonky.

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Re: Faulty Remote ?

Hi Keasy


I'm really sorry to learn about this issue, it's something I want to help to get to the bottom of.


As the two other remotes are working well it's certainly a strange one, I'd recommend downloading the TV Anywhere application on any Android or iOS device as there's a smart remote built into it, which should give you full functionality for nowMan Happy


If that also works well, then it's likely an issue with the TiVo remote you have. To order a new one, just give our team a call on 150 from any Virgin line or 0345 454 1111 from any other.


Take care


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