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Extra channels switched on - why?

I have the 'M' TV package - the most basic mainly Freeview channels. Today I've noticed quite a few extra channels have been switched on - i.e Watch, Alibi and some of the Food channels etc. Why is this? Am I going to be charged? I didn't request this so what's going on? Also why hasn't the Channel News on the Help menu not been updated since August? There have been a few new channels put on the Freeview menu, but they aren't showing on Virgin, again why? Will they be made available, or don't Virgin bother with Freeview? There's quite a few Freeview channels which aren't available on Virgin already. There are some I can get via the inbuilt Freeview programme programmed into the TV and via a digital box, but that you can't see through Virgin. It would help if Virgin kept the Customer/Channel news up to date, this info could be viewed on there and we'd know what's going on!

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Re: Extra channels switched on - why?

There's normally a promo for UKTV channels this time of year so that explains that

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Re: Extra channels switched on - why?

Yep. Just had this confirmed. Here is the full list:

Watch (124)
Alibi (130)
Good Food – This will be temporary rebrand to Christmas Food (278)
Eden (247)
Home (281)
Watch HD (191)
Alibi HD (200)
Good Food HD (280) This will be temporary to rebrand Christmas Good Food HD)
Eden HD (249)
Dave HD (194)
Watch +1 (125)
Alibi+1 (131)
Home +1 (282)
Good Food +1 (279)
Eden +1 (248)

These will be available to all TV customers at no extra cost until 5th January


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