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Extra box installation

I have a new housemate moving in and he would like TiVo in his room. He's willing to pay for it so this doesn't bother me. The website says there is an £99 activation fee. However what about installation? The room currently doesn't have the right sockets (sorry I don't know technical terms) Any help of cost or installation process would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Extra box installation

Hi Matheu,


Welcome to the Community Smiley Happy


Thank you for showing some interest in the TiVo and having an additional one in the home Smiley Happy


the £99 is basically the cost of the installation and would be the same if you desired to move the box to a different part of the house Smiley Happy


I would in your situation give our team a call on 150/ 0345 454 1111 and ask about deals with adding an extra TiVo and please let me know how the call went Smiley Happy


Take care and good luck Smiley Happy



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Re: Extra box installation

Just to point out that you pay a reduced activation fee for the first TiVo box in an install order.


In the case of a 500GB TiVo this means that the one off cost is £49.95 for install and £0 for activation, and for a 1TB TiVo its £49.95 installation and £49.95 activation.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own
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