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Expensive service if you can get it.

For some time vm's tivo subscribers have been used as an unlimited cash cow. Virgins entry level tv service is a cut down version of Freeview and the tivo system has many flaws, failings and niggles as this forum adequately shows.

Feedback from the VM employees is patchy, often late and IMO answers(?) often unnecessarily hide behind PM's and usually default to the easy option of blaming poor signal levels. I waited in one day for the technician who checked out my 'poor signal levels' only to be told that the levels were spot on.

Another excuse bandied about is 'utilization' which is just another way of saying that their system can't cope with the demand for the advertised services through their congested cable network.

In certain cases peoples problems are ignored completely with no real help being offered and no explanations or resolutions forthcoming (eg. See the many Vevo, netflix, iPlayer threads).

People in the UK have stated that they will leave VM for more stable/reliable/cheaper alternatives.

The link I have posted below seems to show that, in many instances, subscribers are voting with their cheque-books and are doing exactly what they said.

Can't say they weren't warned....can't say I'm surprised.

Customers they put up the price and still take a shed load of money from us.

I also wonder how much of their UK profit gets taxed or are they too on a sweetheart deal with HMRC as many other US multi-national companies seem to be?