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Ethernet broadband connection to Tivo

Considering becoming a Virgin TV Customer but my fibre broadband will remain with another provider.

From Virgin's website it is not entirely clear - does the TiVo's ethernet socket allow a wired internet connection or is internet connection via WiFi only?

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Re: Ethernet broadband connection to Tivo

Tivo is wired only, but the network connection is just to allow devices on the LAN to connect with the TV Anywhere app to control the Tivo (e.g. Change channels using virtual remote on mobile device).  Remotely accessing of most functions (e.g. Managing recordings or series links, etc.) would be done via the built in modem and the VM cables so the Ethernet connection is not required.


Disclaimer - I don't work for Virgin Media. I'm just another VM user trying to help out so my answers may be wrong :-) If you do like my answer please mark it as helpful as it may help others
My setup: Vivid 200 Optical fibre with Superhub 2 in modem mode connected to a Netgear R7000 router. Telewest/VM user since 2001.

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Re: Ethernet broadband connection to Tivo

Yes, it allows a wired connection to connect your TiVo to your internet router, the TiVo doesn't have wifi.

However, this connection only enables a small amount of extra functionality on the TV Anywhere smart phone app, the TiVo requires a connection to the Virgin Media cable TV network to work.

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