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Errors in Tv Guide and missing episodes.. who to blame??

Hi, This may seem like a trivial issue but there must be someone out there who knows.....

Two of my favourite shows - Impractical Jokers and Mythbusters, are both set on series link on my box. However - for some reason - the last ever season of Mythbusters did not record at all. If you go into the episode guide (where as most of you will know it lists ALL episodes and seasons and will state whether they are screening in the near future or just been aired) but the Mythbusters list only goes to season 11 - missing is 12-19?!! So the 19 th and final season is know where to be seen, even though its supposedly just aired?????

The issue is slightly different with Impractical jokers - where some episodes are recording but then it will just randomly miss some out - Go into the episode guide - and it will skip certain episodes in the series. And so many times the descriptions don't match the episode/ season number. 

So I guess my questions are : Who is responsible for these errors - the tv network airing the shows and just missing out random ones, or Virgin Media getting it wrong on the guide? 

Does anyone else have these issues or am I just going crazy?

And does anyone know if the last season of Mythbusters will be repeated? - as according to Virgin it doesn't even exist!!

I take great please knowing my life is so complete that this is the best I can moan about.....!!! Thanks.

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