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Error code 7402

Hi - turned the Tivo box on today to get Error code 7402 and a message floating round the screen. It only seems to affect the Tivo. All other boxes are working fine.


I've spoken to customer services who can't fix it and need to send an engineer out. I've got a couple of questions:


  • Has anyone experienced this before and know what it is/what causes it?
  • If someone from Virgin can confirm my service engineer appointment? I have experiences before where I'm assured an appointment is booked only to wait in all day with no one arriving.

Many Thanks

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Re: Error code 7402

Hi there razhammer, 


I'd like to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm sorry to hear that you've been having an issue with the 7402 error on your TiVo®


Apologies for the delay in getting to your post. 


I can see that a technician did indeed call out for you, and the issue has now been resolved. So apologies again that I did not get to this post sooner. 


The error can be caused when a signal sent to the TiVo® has not been received correctly, the majority of the time, we are able to resolve this by resending the signal, but it seems to be that in your case this was not possible. 


Should you still be having any issues with your TiVo® please let me know so that I can look into things further for you. 


Many thanks and apologies once more,



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