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End of an era

Well, my TiVo has now been disconnected. So I'd like to say thank you to everyone who helped me with my TiVo, especially five years ago when I was just starting and getting to know its little foibles and tricks. I hope I also managed to help a rookie or two along the way. It's been fun - sort of. Special big thanks to the experts on here who are patient with newcomers and make them feel welcome. You've been doing a great job, guys. Thanks also to the Virgin mods who have acknowledged my posts and helped with either fixes or sympathy. Smiley Happy

Pros of leaving: no more TiVo. Cons: reduction in number of channels available to me (I'm back on Freeview). But I've been through my "crime of the day" phase on Alibi and Universal and I'm out the other side, so that's no great hardship.

A week ago, I called Virgin to say that I'd like to take advantage of a great offer that they called me with two weeks prior, but it turns out that the offer came from their "outbound" team, who are the only people with the power to make such generous offers, and no-one else in Virgin is able to contact them. Maybe they live in a fortress somewhere remote, like the Australian Outback or a Pacific island. Or the Moon. Dunno. Anyway, because of that my contract has now expired.

So long and thanks for all the fish! Smiley Happy

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Re: End of an era

Hi Vadek


Apprecaite you taking the time to thanks everyone that's helped you since you had your TiVo service installed.


You know where to find us should you need any assistance with the rest of your services moving forwardMan Happy


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