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Do we want it all?

It's Sunday morning and I'm about to go to work but this has just popped into my head.

I'm of an age that remembers when there were only 3 TV channels, and they didn't broadcast throughout the full day. We rarely missed something we wanted to see because there was nothing else on the other side and our social lives weren't planned around the screen (the only thing I remeber missing every week was the end of Lost in Space because I had to go to church).
The arrival of the VCR enabled us to watch things at a more convenient time and gave us a bit of control, even though there were still only 3 channels. The VCR also heralded the arrival of 'On Demand' in the shape of the local video hire store.
Roll the clock forward just 35 years and we now have hundreds of channels showing thousands of hours of around-the-clock entertainment, many repeating the same programme multiple times. We have the facility to record several channels while watching another, we store hours upon hours of programmes to watch later, we are glued to tablets to keep up to date with who's still in the Big Brother House or who is Kim going out with.
We have all the latest blockbusters at our fingertips, we can watch almost anything we want when we want to. But, if anything goes wrong - if we didn't watch a program one of the 25 times it was broadcast last week, if a film maker decides that they don't want that particular movie to be available for the next 12 months, we go up the wall!
I think we do expect a bit too much today, let's step back and look at the the technological advances, let's give a big thank you to the technicians, the inventors, the people who put their money and time, who took the risks to give us this technology.
Just my thoughts on this December Sunday as I head off to work.
Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all.


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Re: Do we want it all?

Well said. And merry 🎄 Christmas to you too 👍

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Re: Do we want it all?

All I want for Xmas is for VM to supply us with what they advertise or to put a rider on their hyperbolic claims of what we can expect to receive for our money. A LARGE print notice on their contract that NOT ALL SERVICES WORK IN ALL AREAS should do the business. Until then a heartfelt "humbug" to them and a happy holiday to the 'cash cow' tivo users. Fingers crossed it performs faultlessly for you.(legs, arms,eyes and everything else crossed too)