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Do I need return my old equipment

I had a TiVo self-install over six months ago which all went well except that I have been given conflicting information about whether I need return my old equipment. During my upgrade chat I was told the TiVo delivery would include return information. Needless to say it didn't.

I've contacted CS on several occasions who promise to send me a return package, but never have, and on following calls when I threaten to dispose of the equipment at the Council dump, CS tell me I'll be charged for the equipment if I don't return it!

Can someone please just tell me whether I can get recycle my old V+ box and cable modem at the tip or should I be charging VM to be storing their old toot in my house!

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Re: Do I need return my old equipment

I know that they do send out boxes for free return - but perhaps as your kit is old they have not.

There is a telephone number to request the packaging etc: 0131 477 5338

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