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Despicable treatment and customer service

My Virgin media tivo box damaged my TV and Surround sound system and Virgin Media won't do nothing about it, point blankly refused, and even took their time about contacting me back, 7 days was more like 3 weeks!
The Virgin media Samsung brand Tivo box was the only piece of equipment that totally didn't work and was the obvious source of the problem damaging the hdmi port it was connected to on the telly to which the fault carried on to the surround sound system as these two items had power in them to continue the circuit. VM told me that it could not happen and has never happened,. Which is funny as you can find same problem listed in their own forum by other customers and a quick Google search pops up others too.
All they did was send out an engineer who just swapped the tivo box for another. But now I have a damaged tv and surround sound which I can't afford to repair or replace, because of the loaned tivo box from VM malfunctioning. 15 years of loyalty and that's the treatment you get. Not the image #RichardBranson gives about the virgin experience but I guess I must be stupid to expect to matter to a company like this.

Feel free to share the virgin experience!

#virginmedia #RichardBranson #virgintivoboxdamageshdmiport #faultyhdmi #virgindamagestv

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Re: Despicable treatment and customer service

Have you checked to see if there's an isolator fitted? It looks like the picture below. If it isn't then take them to the cleaners.


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Re: Despicable treatment and customer service

Hi Trevor79


I'm sorry to learn about the problems you've had recently, you've mentioned that you're in touch with the team regarding this issue which is excellent news, I just wanted to add my apologies to the inconvenience you're experiencing at the moment.


I'd love to hear how you get on and we'll be here should you need any assistance moving forward.


Take care


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