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Deleting from My Shows

I didn't set up to record a programme that I watch as it is on a series link, when I came to watch it, it had not recorded.  I looked in 'my shows' and there was a long list of the different episodes (that I had not knowingly recorded).  I went into the series link options and it was set at 'streaming videos only' as opposed to 'recording only', so this could be the reason why there was such a long list in a short while.  I have been trying to delete these from the list, I follow this procedure through, the episode name remains in the list but no option to delete/play etc.  Minutes later I go back to the list and the option 'delete' is back again, which I have deleted a number of times, hence posting this message.  How do I permanently remove the episodes from the lists? 

Thank you

PS  This is the second time I have written this out as the internet went down as it does quite often, that's another problem though.

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Re: Deleting from My Shows

Hi Manager,


Thank you for coming in and posting your message, welcome back Smiley Happy


I would like to help and if you just set the recordings to what you have selected it should only record these shows. The delete should remove them but this is interesting why it's not done so. I will have a little look and get back to you with my findings.


Speak to you soon and thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Community.


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