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Dead TiVo box. Replace or remove?

One of my two TiVo boxes died a couple of weeks ago. Just won't come out of the "starting up" loop. My dilemma is do I get it replaced, or just have it taken away? Is there any likelihood of the UI on these things improving over time, or are they always going to be slow compared to just about every other box out there? Tempted to just get a freeview box instead, especially with the CS responses I've been having lately with the BB service. Getting generally demoralised with VM as a long standing customer if I'm honest, but are anyone else much better? I doubt it.

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Re: Dead TiVo box. Replace or remove?

Well it won't cost you anything to replace it as long as you didn't damage it so I'd say it's personal preference. Agreed the UI and the slowness of the TiVo are very frustrating given it should be a great experience. It just isn't at the moment. Sky are bringing out Sky Q so I guess if VM want to keep up with the murdochs then a better box must be in the offing but who knows. 

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