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Customer Service or lack of it

Been trying to close my account (moving) and pay a £3 bill, 3 e mails to CEO, numerous attempts to contact by phone, tried to pay on line all failed. What a shower. Now written to Ofcom for all the good that will do.

I have never experienced such poor customer service in all my life, will never ever use Virgin again

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Customer Service or lack of it

Hi mh10

I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the payment you have been trying to make with us. I'd like to thank you for taking the time to join us on the forums and welcome you to the community.

I can see that since you have posted, you have successfully managed to get in touch and made the payment to us. I do apologies there were difficulties in trying to pay this to us prior to your successful processing of this over the weekend.

If you need anything else from us on the forums, just let us know, we'd be happy to help Smiley Happy

Take care.

Forum Team

Need a helpful hand to show you how to make a payment? Check out our guide - "How to pay my Virgin Media bill"

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