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Connection problems


I'm getting lots of errors and can't use any apps in my tivo box. Getting C130, M60 and N27 errors, stating that the ethernet cable has been unplugged, but I've got fibre so no ethernet cable at all.

Any ideas?

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Re: Connection problems

There's multiple issues with TiVo apps currently which they're supposed to be working on fixing.

Having said that, you may have signal issues which won't be helping matters or your box may be on its last legs. Ring up and speak to faults, get them to check the signal levels and they'll send an engineer if necessary.

If your issues are due to the ongoing network problems, speak to them about getting a credit on your bill for the loss of service and inconvenience caused.

The network cable unplugged message is misleading and doesn't usually refer to your own internal cables. It's saying it can't get a connection to the Virgin Media network.

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Re: Connection problems

Hi jackaylward,


Welcome to the community.


I have checked your Virgin box and everything looks okay at the moment so please reboot by the mains and let me know whether you're still experiencing any problems.


Kind regards

Forum Team

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