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Communication bug between VM iOS app and TiVo?

Previously, when I fire up my VM app, on my iPad Air 2, it stays connected to my TiVo, pretty much all the time. Even when I close the app on my iPad and go back to it days later, its still remains connected, so when I want to set up a new recording, the app is still connected to the TiVo.

 However, ever since I chose the feature (on the TiVo - think it's under the 'Display' setting, when you press the Home button, on the remote), to switch the TiVo into Standby, when idle for x number of hours (I chose this due to my TiVo, switching itself on, all the time, overnight - there are numerous threads about this already), the app now seems to disconnect itself?!

Now, whenever I go to the app to set a new recording or Series Link+, I go through the rigmarole of setting up the recording, and when I go to confirm it all, it throws up a message stating something like, ".....TiVo box is not responding, tap 'OK' to try to re-connect".  It does then re-connect but I then have to go through the same rigmarole of setting up the recording, ALL OVER  AGAIN?!?!? Smiley Mad


I know this MUST be something to do with the feature of 'switching the TiVo into Standby, when idle for x number of hours' because prior to turning this feature on, the app NEVER  did this.......

Is this a known bug, because if it isn't, I certainly know about it now..............

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