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Cilla S01E02 On Demand 6096 Error message

Could you please try something for me. Could you try to watch episode 2 of Cilla through your Tivo's On Demand service.

My wife has been trying to watch this programme for weeks. She always gets the error 6096. Episodes 1 and 3 work fine, it's just episode 2 that has a problem.

I've reported it a few times now and I'm always told that it will be fixed in 48 hours. But it never is. Now they've given me a £2 credit as compensation.

Over the weekend, I resorted to Bittorrent and tracked down a copy of the episode. But I'd rather not have to do things like that.

So I'd like to see how wide-ranging the problem is. It would be great if some people her could let me know if they get the same error.



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Re: Cilla S01E02 On Demand Error

Hi Dave,

Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear that you'r still unable to view this episode of Cilla.  I have just had a check in the office and it plays out ok here.

I have escalated this to our fault teams to investigate further for you.  I should hear back in the next day or so, I shall be back in touch to let you know the outcome.  I'm sorry for the delay in getting this resolved.

I'll be in touch.  If you need anything else in the meantime, give me a shout.

Collette Smiley Happy

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