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Channel listing by name

I find the 'printable' channel listing most unhelpful because the Standard Definition, HD, +1 and +24 are not together. I really want to see it in alphabetical order so I can look up, say, Discovery and see immediately what channel the HD or +1 version is on. Listing by channel number isn't really very useful. There was a time when I could download a spreadsheet version and do sorting for myself but I can't find that any longer. Is there one? If not will VM please re-instate it.
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Re: Channel listing by name

There must be a master sheet somewhere - I can't believe that VM would just be editing a PDF file?

Personally, I would like all channels to have just a single number associated with them, make HD default (if available) and the +1 channel (and SD option just a dedicated button press away on the remote.

After a bit of use, I have learnt the numbers I use most often (and the Favourite channels is also useful) - but I can see that some people would like a printed list in their preferred order.  I can't find any option on the website, other than the PDF - but there must be a master list somewhere in the back offices.

Would the list in Wikipedia be a start to make your own spreadsheet (cut/paste and reformat to your own requirements?


Just another VM user trying to help, so no guarantees that my advice will work .
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