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Ch5 listings wrong at 10pm on Friday

Went to watch my recording of Big Brother from tonight and the epg and recording was 1 hours long from 9-10.
It actually was 90 mins until 10:30.
Epg had Botched up bodies.
Will have to watch the missing 30 minutes from catch up
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Re: Ch5 listings wrong at 10pm on Friday

I have the same issue and not the first time this TiVo box has done this as the 2nd episode of Musksteers was showing in TiVo as recorded but playback had a totally different programme , never had this with SKY
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Re: Ch5 listings wrong at 10pm on Friday

I suspect that Channel 5 either made a very late change to the listings or, perhaps, didn't change them at all. I use Digiguide for my listings and, while  this tends to be very accurate, even that is still showing as 21:00 to 22:00 this morning.

As for Musketeers, isn't that the showing that the BBC did not transmit due to late changes. Bit difficult to record a programme that has not been shown.



Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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Re: Ch5 listings wrong at 10pm on Friday

I started watching Big Brother from My Shows at 9:30 (as it was recording and I could then ad skip) and was surprised to see the play bar length appear as just over an hour. Quickly switched over to Freeview as if there had been a late change then this would more than likely be correct but it had BB on till 10:30 so I just extended the record time by an extra half an hour.

I don't know when the TiVo EPG people changed it but I am pretty sure when I checked the nights schedule around 5 PM all was present and correct.

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