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Catchup TV not working - again.

Hi all, currently my catchup option on my Tivo box is saying "Catch up is temporarily available. Please try again in a few minutes." It's being saying this for a couple of hours since I unplugged it, left it ten minutes, and switched it back on. Before that, it was going into catchup, but saying no TV programmes were available. It seems to be like this more often than not the last couple of weeks.

I checked the service status for known issues, and the web page was down. I tried an online chat, and couldn't get through there either. It's not going well.................

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Re: Catchup TV not working - again.

Try the website again you probably do have issues with the service in your area but if website down then you'll need to ring and ask 

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Re: Catchup TV not working - again.

Hi there Warrenlclarke,


Thank you for visiting the Community for the first time, I'd like to give you a big welcome from the Team and I Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to see that you've been having some issues on the Catch Up, I've been looking at the connection on all services in the home and have found that some of your Upstreams on the Broadband are out of spec. While there wasn't any notable issues standing out with the Catch Up or anything of contention on that side and after find no outages in the area, I'd like to arrange an engineer to visit the home.


I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little red envelope near the top left of the page.
Speak to you soon and take care.

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