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Catch Up and On Demand

Like many others on here I have experienced issues with unavailability of these particular services. This is simply not good enough Virgin Media.

For information when I called 150 late one evening last week I was put through to what was clearly a call centre in some far off country. The lady explained that it was an intermittant problem that was outside of the control of Virgin Media as these services are sourced through a third party, She also went on to claim that these were "free" services for which I was not charged.

Needless to say I was gobsmacked by this unacceptable excuse and I said I wanted to cancel my account (telephone, TV and broadband) with immediate effect. She said she was unable to do this and had no contact with that particular department.  I politely suggested that if Virgin Media wanted to retain my business some one should contact me urgently.

Surprise surprise a few days on no contact and no improvement on the lack catch up and on demand service. Words that I can use on this forum fail me but certainly Customer Service is not a priority. I will be taking my business (all of it) elsewhere.


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Re: Catch Up and On Demand

Hi there Thealternative,


Thank you for your message, I hope you're keeping well.


I am sorry to read about the On Demand issues you have been experiencing lately, I would like to help and whilst I've not seen any outages in the area, your box wasn't connecting to the network upon my tests. This is something that would need some attention and from and engineer to bring the box back online. This would need to be done before any On Demand issues can be rectified.


If you can have a little look inside your Inbox, you'll see I've sent you a Private Message. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope.

Speak to you soon.

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