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Catch Up Movies - screen matching problem

I thought I'd watch a movie on demand tonight. Previewed "The Lobster" and it was stretched horizontally (it's a 16:9 film which was stretched to 22:9). So I took a look at "The Martian" this was stretched even wider (it's already a 22:9 film).

You'd think this is an aspect ratio problem, but all on-air and catch up TV is absolutely fine and so it Netflix. On Demand TV is also fine The problem is only with On Demand movies.

If I set the Video Output | Aspect Correction Mode to "Panel" the aspect ratio is correct but the image is both letterboxed AND pillar boxed. in other words i get a black border all the way around the image.

Any suggestions, TV is a Sony Bravia W7 model, connected via HDMI, Video output auto detected as 1080i (I tried setting it to 720P just in case, but this made no difference)

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Re: Catch Up Movies - screen matching problem

Hi TimStannard,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I wanted to pop by and see how I can help.  How are things looking today?  If you're still experiencing picture aspect ratio issues, let me know and I can check further with you.

Have you checked the display settings on the TV set itself as well as the display settings within TiVo®?.

Keep me posted.

Collette Smiley Happy

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