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Can't get random on demand or catch up films

Hey all.
We can't watch random films from virgin on demand and also sky box office. (We pay for subscription to sky box office)

The films we can't watch so far include Saw 2 (sky box office)
The Mermaid (virgin on demand)
Charlie and the chocolate factory (sky)
Fantastic four (sky)
And many more added daily to the list

After phoning the tech line several times over the last month and going through the usual - have you paid, are you subscribed, restarting the box several times, we still can't watch the films.

There have been error messages advising "on demand is currently unavailable" but this is getting more and more frequent.

Anyone else suffer from this -what was the remedy?
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Re: Can't get random on demand or catch up films

Sky Box Office you pay for individual films.
Sky Movies is something completely different and you should get that if you have the Sky Movies package with your box.
This will only work if you have a TiVo however.

Sounds to me like a problem with your connection if you are getting this message all the time though.
Hopefully either 1 of the moderators will come along to help you as you don't seem to be getting much help phoning for help.
Maybe worth selecting the thinking of leaving option and then you should get someone in the UK who I have found very helpful every time.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Can't get random on demand or catch up films

Hi Dobbywilliams


Welcome to the Community, I'm sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your On Demand service lately.


I've been able to locate your account and run some tests on the set top box from our end for you, we're not detecting any issues at the moment although I can see you've very recently rebooted the box, previous to that I can see a few errors but since the reboot, things are looking well.


Have things improved from your end?


Look forward to hearing from you


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