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Can't deal with the slowness anymore

I'm currently paying for a service that is not fit for purpose. Menu navigation is obscenely slow, all menus.

Running apps like iPlayer is stressful. By which I mean, you can be looking forward to relaxing in front of the TV and end up shouting at it. I doubt that's the customer experience you're aiming for. 

As an example, iPlayer takes about 5 minutes to load up. Menu navigation is extremely slow and flakey. Launching a TV show sometimes fails and loads indefinitely.

It means I never use on demand and it's not that I don't want to. The menus for OD are particularly bad but really it's all menus, guide, mini guide etc. Massive delay. 

The app? The developers haven't even bothered to update it for iPhones launched more than 2 years ago. It disconnects and now asks you to login every time you use it. The recent update broke it and shoved a load of promo stuff for TV shows teenage girls like. 

It's just an awful experience. 

What's the plan? 

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Re: Can't deal with the slowness anymore

know just how you feel,been putting up with it now for the last 6 months,have 5months left in contract then going back to sky,as a side note lets hope mr Beadle reveals himself and says its all just been a set up and tivo runs as it should..ha ha

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