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Can I connect a TiVo box to a V+ in another room through Powerline

In my lounge I have my Superhub and a V+ box (which I like as I can transfer recordings to my DVD recorder and make DVDs). Both are connected to the wall mounted input box through a 2.4GHz splitter. The Superhub is then connected to a Netgear Powerline which has a outlet in my study for my desktop computer which is directly connected to it via an ethernet cable. All works very well indeed. Now I wish to arrange my bedroom TV to have cable TV because the set's tuner is about to give up the ghost. How can I receive live TV in the bedroom without more cabling? We have just redecorated at vast expense and I don't want to spoil it.

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Re: Can I connect a TiVo box to a V+ in another room through Powerline

Hi there Gorrion, 


I'd like to thank you for your post, all of our set top boxes need a coax feed from our network, so there is no way to transmit a cable signal to your bedroom without having extra cable running to supply the signal. 


Should you require any further information please let me know and I'll help as best as possible. 



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