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Call centre complaint ...


I have been a customer of NTL / Virgin for over 14 years and have to admit I have never ever had a problem until now ... 

So last Tuesday following a horrific storm, my tv & virgin box decided to stop working - phoned Virgin to schedule an engineer, (UK call centre) explained the box whilst still sounding like the motor was running, all lights from the front of the box had disappeared.  An appointment was made for Friday between 8-12 - slightly longer than expected for call out but fair enough must be busy as storm was pretty bad in my area.  Thankfully internet & phones not affected.

Wednesday morning awoke to a text saying the appointment had been cancelled "as a network problem had been found in the area and all should be working fine" - I phoned the call centre and asked for my appointment to be re-instated as the box was not working properly and the network problem (I looked online at the service status issues) was not in anyway related to my issue.  The call centre (overseas) told me no the problem was an external one and would be repaired by 4 o'clock - to which I again said are you sure as it seems an equipment failure rather than network and I was assured it was network !

3.30 I re-rang as the problem was not resolved and re-explained the issue and I was told that no an engineer needed to come out and the next available appointment was Monday !!  Even though it was not my decision to cancel the first appointment - the computer apparently decides.  The call centre puts a credit on my account for lost days of tv service.

Friday - I check on line as I realise I didn't know the time slot for the Monday appointment and find that I am now moved to Tuesday - a week from my first call !!  By this time I was soo cross, re- called the call centre (overseas again) and I am told that he can courier to me for Saturday delivery a TiVo box for myself to install and did I want to cancel the Tuesday appointment - err no I will cancel it myself once the box is up and running.  I queried a Saturday delivery and was told it was not an issue and delivery could be up to 7pm.

I then rang the call centre later that day (UK this time) to log a complaint about my experience in the hope that it wouldn't happen again to others and I have to admit the gentleman I spoke to was helpful, understanding and very apologetic.

Saturday - stayed in all day - rang call centre again around 3pm to see if I could get a tracking number for courier as it was costing me money sitting at home as I had commitments which needed to be covered if any later - got through to UK customer services and they were confused/amazed as to why I would be told that a box would be sent as it needs an engineer and also they wouldn't do a Saturday delivery as delivery takes 5-7 days - again very apologetic - so Saturday was a complete waste of a day and cost me £20 to have cover in place while I sat at home waiting for a non existent courier.

Why have I put this here - well 1. I needed to rant as I have found the whole situation frustrating and taken a lot of my time for what was a simple request and in the hope that Virgin read this and hopefully look into their overseas call centres handling of calls and apparent lack of knowledge of proceedures or as I feel fobbed me off so I would go away and be someone else's problem when I rang again.

I await tomorrow's appointment with fingers, toes & eyes firmly crossed that it is not cancelled but good news is that my contract is up for renewal and may be investigating alternative avenues of TV service Smiley Happy

Rant over unless tomorrow goes wrong.




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Re: Call centre complaint ...

Hi orbie,

A warm welcome to our community Smiley Happy

I'd first off to like to start with apologising for your recent experiences that you've had in getting the TV service issue resolved.  I am sorry that you've had to contact us many times and had to wait in for a delivery that didn't happen as promised.

This is certainly not the standard of service we like to hear about but I do want to help get this resolved so we can learn from this experience and help prevent this from happening again.

As a customer of 14 years it would be a shame if we didn't get to celebrate a 15th anniversary together so I'd like to help where I can.

If it hasn't been done already then I would like to make sure your loss of service is credited back for you.  So I can fully investigate this issue, I'd like to request further details if that's ok?  I will send you a private message shortly, look for the  icon above.

Collette Smiley Happy

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