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C423 error attempting to connect to downstairs 1TB TiVO from upstairs V6


I haven't spent much time looking in to this but it appears pretty common and I found the following thread, I've remotely forwarded the ports but still the same issue.

Quick summary of the setup.

  • Hub 3.0 and 1TB TiVO (Ethernet) are downstairs.
  • V6 (Wireless) is upstairs.

On the day of installation we were able to view recordings from either box on the other.  Following the installation I renamed the V6 from it's default name to "Master Bedroom", I also used the website to copy the TiVO settings from the box that I replaced with the V6.

I'll be honest, we didn't use the feature immediately as the V6 box was empty so didn't need to view any recordings downstairs so I can't confirm if the issue occurred immediately after the above changes.

The problem now is the downstairs TiVO can view recordings from the V6 but the V6 can no longer view recordings from the TiVO.  It shows the device under my shows but it's offline and we see error c423 when attempting to access it.

Any advice appreciated, I've contacted Virgin Media on Twitter and they aren't very forthcoming with suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


C423 errorC423 errorForwarded portsForwarded portsDay of installationDay of installation




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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: C423 error attempting to connect to downstairs 1TB TiVO from upstairs V6

Hello nickking,


Thanks for letting us know about this on the community.


I can see that you have connected the boxes correctly for this to work so could you let me know whether the TiVo® box has become visible on your network? Otherwise a mains reboot should resolve this.


If you need any further help just let me know.


Kind regards



Forum Team

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