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C133 Network Availability

GAHHH! I am so SO annoyed with virgin.

I have had virgin TV service for over 15 years; on Thursday we was upgraded to the Tivo box but have since received the 'C133 Network Unavailability' message which prevents me accessing Catch up/On Demand services.

I have had several calls with virgins technical help and have been told to do various things to no avail. A technician was sent on Friday evening and he didn't do anything but said 'oh there is an issue in the area' and then left and said it would be working within a few days.... (another afternoon off work for no reason!!)

I rang Virgin for an update as to when this issue would be fixed to be told there is no such issue and ANOTHER technician will be sent on Monday afternoon (ANOTHER AFTERNOON OFF WORK!!!)

For goodness sake, ive never known such an issue..... angry is an understatement.

Can anybody help???Smiley Mad


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Re: C133 Network Availability

Hey Imcguirk60,


Welcome into the Community, it's great to see a new face Smiley Happy


i'm very sorry to read that there's been a bit of a mix up on the TiVo outage front. I have been into the account and can see that the TiVo and the network are communicating well with no signs of timeouts or drops on the network. 


I can understand your frustration being told one thing and then hearing something entirely different. The engineer may have had direct access to issues in the area that may have not been picked up right away on the agent's side.


I would like to remain here to help and wish only to know how everything's looking now?


Stay in touch Smiley Happy



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