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C130 error

I was just wondering if anyone is experiencing a c130 error in area ref 30?
If anyone may know why this is could you let me know how to fix?
I've tried running test and restart but it's still appearing, this has now been happening all this month
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Fibre optic
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Re: C130 error

Have you checked the service checker to see if there's a known problem? The error you're getting is for network connection problems with your box. It could be a capacity problem, cabling, routing or any number of things between your box and the head end. If there's not a known problem give customer services a call on 150 and they can run some checks.

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Re: C130 error

Hey Richmoody,


Welcome into the Community, it's great to see a friendly face Smiley Happy


I am sorry to read about the recent interruptions on the TV services, when this happens it's never great.


 I have been looking into this and have been able to find an issue with the TiVo's signal power levels. This would require an engineer to help adjust this and bring this back to a normal operation.


If you can have a little look inside your 'Inbox', you'll see I've sent you a 'Private Message'. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope Smiley Happy


Speak to you soon.



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