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C130 error on tivo box HELP!!!

C130 error. This only become aparant with the flashing green heart light on the tivo box, then i could not access on demand and some movie channels, now i have no channels not even bbc 1 etc.


As far as i am aware, the v+ box upstairs is working fine.


i have switched the tivo on and off several times, checked all cables and all is ok on that side.


not a great day for it to happen with a house full of kids and the spurs game on at mid day.


i hope someone can help

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Re: C130 error on tivo box HELP!!!

First check it's not a service issue in your area by looking at the VM website. If not phone it in. Your box has lost its connection by the sound of it. You could try going into settings and forcing a connection but it may not work. 

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Re: Over tge past Over the past few days i have had a C130 error message

Hi Nunnian,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that you have this loss of service at the moment.


I can see you have an engineer appointment booked to get this fixed.  It would be great to hear how you get on with your appointment, please keep me posted on how you get on.


I'm here to help if you need me Smiley Happy

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