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C130 Network Availability issue on one Tivo but not another

I've two Tivo boxes: one upstairs and a newer one downstairs in the kids playroom. The one downstairs has been acting up with a message about disruption to services. Upstairs has been fine.

I checked the messages app on the box today and it said there's been no connection to Virgin for 30 days or so so recordings may not work (not sure this is accurate, but its what it says). There an onscreen message on the Home page about Network Availability (C130).

There's a few known issues in my area ( but nothing pertaining to this. When I try to run the test from that page (while signed in) I get an 'Oops somethings broken' Virgin page.

I've also been getting pixelated channels intermittently on a few select kids channels (not sure if its related)

Has anyone had the same issue or know of any solutions?

This box is only about a month old. I still have the old V+ box in the same room, waiting to be told what to do with it by Virgin.

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Re: C130 Network Availability issue on one Tivo but not another

Try. Home-help-settings-network--connect to virgin. 

If you continue to have problems then best phone in for help. Could be a duff box and/or signal issue. 

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