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Buffering issue when resuming on-demand content


I've been experiencing issues with on-demand content for a good couple months and it's now getting very annoying. A few weeks back I called Virgin and an engineer came out to look at this issue and another issue where randomly it would lose sound on all channels until I reset the box.  So If i start watching the on-demand content from the beginning without fast forwarding, pausing or rewinding then I don't have any problems but if I stop watching the problem and then try to resume it a day later. It would start where I finished up to but every couple mins it would pause and the pretty quality would become pixelated and then carry on. This mostly happens on Sky Movies.

I've got another engineer scheduled for Friday but I wondered if anyone else had this problem or if it was just isolated.



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Re: Buffering issue when resuming on-demand content

Yes I have that problem.
You can't press any button during streaming without risking a crash
And if it does work the delays are ridiculous and result in multiple button presses that probably make it worse
This is on both my V5? Old TiVo boxes
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