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Box swap questions

I am meant to be getting my 2 TIVOs today.  Do they use the V+ power lead or is it a new one, just checking as the Xmas tree is now blocking my access to the plug socket!  So if its a new one I'll move the tree!

Also any other TIVO intall tips?  How long does it take to be up and running?

Thanks very much

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Re: Box swap questions

You need to fit new power supplies though if the V+ lead is a plugin figure of 8 you can put that into the new external power suply that comes with the Tivo


it should take about 20 minutes at a guess to be up and running, the tv guide will take a bit longer to fully populate for the 2 week epg and the backwards epg will take a week to get the full previous 7 days to populate

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