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Box Swap - Undelivered message

I just accepted the Box Swap offer and the webpage advised my delivery is booked.


I then received an Email with the subject "IMPORTANT- UNDELIVERED MESSAGE  (KMM17593415V84092L0KM)" and the message "IMPORTANT - your e-mail has not been delivered. To contact Virgin Media, please complete the contact form on our web-site"


I haven't sent any Emails so I presume the two are related.


Does this mean the Box Swap hasn't been booked?


I can't easily find the contact form on the website - looked under Contact us, which is where I'd expect to find it.


This shouldn't be so difficult. To quote the original Email "Just hit the button below, select a delivery date and we'll send your free TiVo box, straight away. It's as easy as that."


Can a Virgin member of staff help me please?

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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff
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Re: Box Swap - Undelivered message

Hi Jasontuk,


Apologies for this, we are aware that this is happening for some customers, we are currently investigating and hope to have it fixed very soon.

I can confirm that the issue does not affect the order process and we will have received your order - feel free to PM me with your address details and I'll make sure of this for you.



Adrian Hayes
Virgin Media
I work for Virgin Media but I browse and post on the forums during my spare time.

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