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Blank screen on TIVO box


I was watching a pre-recorded show last night and instead of pressing stop and then turning off my box, I just pressed the power button to put it on standby. Don't know if this is related but thought it might be worth a mention.

This morning the TIVO box is giving me a black screen. On certain channels a red button will appear in the top right hand corner but nothing else, including no sound.

I can still access on demand / catch up etc. When I press the home button, would would normally come up in the top right hand corner as the current programme is giving me a black screen but with a pause symbol.

I have tried everything on the remote - stop, play, home, tv...nothing seems to be working.

Any ideas?


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Re: Blank screen on TIVO box

Hi Emma,


An enormously warm welcome to our Community!


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your TiVo®.


I've sent a signal to your TiVo® to try and sort it out. All I need you to do is to perform a mains reset on the box.

Just unplug it at the mains, leave it off for about a minute, then switch it back on.


Let me know how it goes!  Smiley Very Happy



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