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Black screen on Tivo and no on demand

I'm getting a completely black screen (sometimes with sound) when I select a myshow to play. I have to power off and on again. Also getting 'On demand not available please try later' on occasions. 

I had my Tivo swapped out a couple of weeks ago, and the original sluggishness of the original machine is back pretty much.. and that despite hardly any series links/wishlists/recordings etc.

Roll on a Virgin Tivo Bolt... (should I laugh now!?)

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Re: Black screen on Tivo and no on demand

Hi carlgoss


I'm massively sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your TV service, I've been able to take a look at your account and run some tests on this from our end.


We're detecting some issue with the set top box you're using and I'm so sorry for that, as a result we'd love to arrange for a senior engineer to come and take a look at getting this resolved as soon as possible.


I've sent you information regarding this in a private message, you can view the message by clicking the purple envelope on the top right of this page.


Take care and speak soon


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Re: Black screen on Tivo and no on demand

Hi there,

Has anyone sorted this yet?

I still cannot get picture over HDMI (to HDCP enabled DVi in LG RZ32LZ55 TV) but can get sound now that VM have replaced both the TiVo's that developed a fault in the HDMi ports a few weeks ago.

Replaced both boxes, now one in lounge through Denon AMP over HDMi (to another LG TV) works fine, but one in bedroom only outputs over SCART - even though VM engineer checked HDMi port works when replacing both boxes.

Has there been an update to the TiVo or the VM HDCP system that now prevents certain older TV's working with the TiVo boxes?

If so, what is being done to resolve this.

The TV & lead are still perfectly fine & have been checked with other equipment.

Hope to hear back from you soon.


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