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Baby tv keeps getting added

First of all, there`s only 1 person in the house( the wifes in hospital), no kids, no grandkids. Thought I would get that out the way first because I`m always asked if any kids could have done it.

August 7th Received email thanking me for updating package and adding Baby tv. Nobody has added baby tv so rang up in the morning and got it removed. Guy at customer services was adamant that it had been added by someone in the house and he said he would remove it as a goodwill gesture but if it happened again I`d be stuck with it for a month. I was not happy with that so I rang retentions who said to ring them instead if it happened again.

August 13th Baby tv added again. Still nobody here except me. Rang retentions who removed it again. They said they would monitor it.

August 16th Baby tv added again. Only me here. Retentions removed it again and booked tech to visit.

August 19th Tech arrives and said as he entered the house. I dont know why theyve sent me, it wont be your tivo box it`ll be something at virgins end. As he was here he checked the engineers menu and said " I can see it has been added through the tivo but I can see, that you havent pressed any buttons to add it" He was baffled

August 30th (last night) Baby tv added again. I`m still on my own here Smiley Sad Rang retentions, who have removed it yet again.

Completely fed up with this now. Can somebody do something about this please

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Re: Baby tv keeps getting added

There was another post recently somewhere on the forums about someone's account getting mixed up with that belonging to another customer. Something that should never happen but VM's billing system and IT setup is appalling. 

Maybe something similar has happened to you. There have been other posts over the years about films, etc. being added time after time without the knowledge of the account owner. VM's response was the same as you relate above.


Nice to be able to post again, after their mistake (removed by the Censorship team).
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Re: Baby tv keeps getting added

Hi Blackthorn


I'm so sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your service lately.


I've been able to locate your account and I'm not seeing anything unusual, I'd like to confirm some information with you before I request that our back office teams investigate this from our end for you.


You can view the message by clicking the envelope on the top right of this page.


Talk soon


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