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BT7 TiVo and Broadband a shambles

Recently (the past several months), despite an engineer visit, TV on all channels and broadband has been completely unacceptable.  Blocky video, dropped internet (2mbps instead of 150mbps), ruined recordings.  Why are we paying £75 for such poor service?  I've run the pathetic automated testing, to no avail.

I happen to have BT Fibre on my street, and Sky Q makes TiVo look like Windows 95.  Can anyone tell me what I should persist with this half-baked service?  Fanboys, don't bother.  I want to hear from VM engineers about what is happening in my area.  We are loyal customers – we installed TiVo the week of its launch – but recently even VM seems to have little faith in its own service.

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Re: BT7 TiVo and Broadband a shambles

Even though I am sure you would put me in the "fanboy" category (although I'm anything but), Ill reply to you anyway.

You are wasting your time. This is a forum largely for customers helping each other out, with staff picking up any issues that need a tech out. The only thing they have access to is notes on their system. The chances of a tech that knows the area seeing your post are remote.

Grab a Tech when you see one working on the cabinets. Not only will they be able to tell you the ACTUAL issues in the area, you'll get the real deal not the company line. They are a sociable lot. Im in BT6 and have spoken to more than one tech when checking out any issues Ive had.

If you want some of us eejits with experience to troubleshoot the connection, Ill leave a note below of details to post.

If not, BT infinity is in the area and the cabinets are brand new, so likely to be underpopulated- as such that might be a better alternative for you. Knowing the area, there's a lot of student accommodation and HMO's, first guess would be overutilisation in your area, but I emphasis thats a guess- I wasn't aware that any areas in Belfast have overutilisation

If you want some help to check if there are any issue on your line that can be sorted out, tell us how you are connecting (wired/wireless?) and teh following details

Go to your Superhub Log in screen

Do NOT log in.

Little button top right.....

Can you post Upstream, Downstream and Network logs.

Screen caps are nice, C&P will do- Don't stress about formatting if you C&P. Someone will get a look and see if there's anything obvious amiss.



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