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BBC iplayer on TIVO

i am absolutely fed up with the BBC iplayer on my TIVO box. It is constantly buffering and this has been the case for the last 18 months. I have hardly been able to watch anything all the way through to the end and once a programme starts buffering, it doesn't stop.  When I phoned up to complain I was told to record the programmes I wanted to watch later but this isn't the point. We are paying good money for a service that just isn't being provided. Virgin Media can you please sort it out. Thank you 

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Re: BBC iplayer on TIVO

It's been the same on mine since installation over 3 years ago, don't even bother with it anymore. 

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Re: BBC iplayer on TIVO

Hi Suep1953,


Thanks for coming by to us here and posting your issue with us here in the Community. I'm very sorry that you've been having some issues on the Youtube with TiVo.


I've had a check and can see that the TiVo is responding well to the tests and no faults have returned. I would like to know just a few bits of information so i can fully find the issue here. Can you please run the following tests:-


  • Try using the Youtube app on a mobile device and/or PC/other media device?


  • Try using this TiVo during on and off peak times please?

Please come back to me when you can and speak to you soon.


Many thanks.



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