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BBC Two Scotland channel on TiVo

Here is a question for the VM TiVo team:

Please could we have a BBC Two Scotland channel (as well as the existing BBC One Scotland channel) on TiVo. There have been many occasions when good programmes (sports, drama, current affairs & documentaries) have only been shown on BBC Two Scotland and they would be of interest elsewhere in the country.

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Re: BBC Two Scotland channel on TiVo

There is no regional variation of BBC2 HD (162) on any platform, I believe, but the SD variant (102) is regional.

I know this because BBC1 HD (108) does have a regional variant and BBC Scotland, in their infinite wisdom, decided to show some awful football match on Sunday instead of the Davis Cup which the rest of the country was watching in HD.

They did, however, show the tennis on BBC2 SD (102).

Of course, BBC2 Scotland is available to all on the BBC iPlayer.


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