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Awful service!

I have had ongoing issues for months with trying to watch anything on my tv through Netflix. It is not a Netflix problem as I can watch on other devices so it's through my TiVo box.
I have called Virgin more than once. I have had to log when I've tried to watch and leave it 24 hours and also tried all the reboot options but still my programmes buffer and stop at 25%.
This has been constant for about 6 months and I am fed up as I am paying for this service yet can't use it
Can anyone offer any other ideas or help please?
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Re: Awful service!

If you also have problems watching other catch up then I suspect either a signal issue (although you would think that would affect live tv) or over utilisation in your area. If the latter they should be able to check and hopefully sort it out. 

Phine and threaten to leave. That might get them looking in the right places. 

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Re: Awful service!

Hi JacDean,

A warm welcome to the community Smiley Happy

I'm sorry to hear that you're getting buffering when using Netflix.  Whilst we are looking into this and working with Netflix/TiVo® to get this sorted we are still carrying out checks with the boxes and network to check for any other underlying issues.

In your case I have found there is a signal fault that needs taking care of.  It will affect not only Netflix but potentially other Apps and On Demand service as well.

In order to get the signal issue resolved, I will arrange for an engineer to come out and fix this for you.  All the details of arranging an appointment I'll send in a private message, look for the envelope icon above.

Collette Smiley Happy

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