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Awful TiVo service!

What on earth are Virgin Media doing? One of the big reasons I signed up to Virgin Media XL package was because of Virgin Media Music OD and to now have it replaced by this god damn awful slow VEVO service is diabolical! 

Takes about 90 seconds to finally load and after that trying to get through the app interface and to even exit is like pulling teeth, it would be quicker for me to fly to America, get through customs, find the artist, ask politely for a DVD of the music, fly back home and get stuck in customs and still find the TiVo box 'Loading...'

I spent ages typing in the artist I wanted, then finally finding the song I wanted, it played some adverts, and then played the same adverts again and then played a completely different video I wanted! I have given up in the end!

And why on earth launch 'ClublndAKA' as a TiVo channel? Is this the purpose to make us want to throw TiVo out the window with ANOTHER slow app? Why launch this as a internet channel leaving out people with V+/V+HD... Just launch it as a linear channel!

YouTube is another painfully slow app, just stutters playing even the most basic video! Even the standard TV interface is slower! Tried fast forwarding and it ended up fast forwarding to the end of the programme!

Wish I didn't leave Sky and have to tolerate this POS until November! 

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Re: Awful TiVo service!

Yes ive found the same frustrations with the vevo app.

Like you say you search the artist and it lists all the songs.

You select one song and there is an advert. After the song you get another advert and wait for the next song by the artist to play.

No it plays some totally random song ,but there is no way to return to the artist list to listen to another.

You seem to have to go back to the menu and search again for that artist and list the songs again.

Please bring back the old MOD service.

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Re: Awful TiVo service!

Hi Joebloggs,


Thank you for taking the time to reach back to the Community with your experience. 


I'm very sorry to learn about the VEVO service not being as speedy as it should be. I've been running some preliminary tests on the TiVo and she's testing well, which is a good sign. The results from the tests showed that the services on the TiVo are being affected by some SNR issues and other signal levels, with this in mind, it's expected to see what you've explained. 


I would like to help and arrange an engineer out to help you, I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.

Stay in touch and have a fab day.

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