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Audio occasionally faults for 10-20 seconds

I've only had my Tivo box for just over a month and ever since it was set up I've been having audio problems intermittently. The audio randomly starts going all fuzzy and duplicated, its hard to explain. It sounds like a digital noise where the audio is vibrating and just glitchy. Lasts for about 10-20 seconds and then it's fine. 

Sometimes it won't occur for days but then will happen several times in an hour. 

I'll try and record a video of it to post up if that'll help.

Could it be a problem with the HDMI Lead? I'm using the one that came with the set. 

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Re: Audio occasionally faults for 10-20 seconds

Hi antmumford,


Welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your audio.


I'd like to look into this for you but I can't seem to locate your account. I've sent you a private message (purple envelope at the top right of your screen) so I can grab some details from you.


Speak soon Smiley Very Happy



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