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Attn Forum team............Swap V+ for TiVo

I'm interested in swapping my current V+ box for a TiVo but when I complete the form it says I cannot be found on the system. It may be because I'm lot elegible for a swap.

can any of the virgin staff on this board advise if I can have a new TiVo sent to me to replace my current V+ box regardless if I'm eligible for the current swap programme or not.

The V+ box we currently have is now very slow and freezes a lot causing us to remove the power cable and reboot it on a regular basis.

we have tried all the recommended fixes but it really isn't working out for us so would just prefer to,swap.the box out now.

if any virgin staff on here could arrange this it would be much appreciated.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Attn Forum team............Swap V+ for TiVo

If you want to change your package you have to call up, staff on here cant change your package

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