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Apps and Games - possible to delete?

Hi as the title says is it possible to delete some of these apps and games as I never use them?

I've followed the steps in the sticky above to get rid of the suggested programmes but the TiVo box still doesn't seem to work very quickly.

My shows is below 50% capacity so not overly full either yet it regularly takes 30 seconds to load up my shows/recordings.

Using catch up TV is even slower and buffering aplenty even though I have an Ethernet cable from the TiVo directly to the Superhub and also have an Ethernet cable from the TV to the Superhub.


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Re: Apps and Games - possible to delete?

Hi silveryfox,

Thanks for your post. I'm sorry that your TiVo is still running slow after trying the suggestions in the Slow TiVo sticky.

You aren't able to remove any of the apps or games from the TiVo as these are pre-programmed into the TiVo. 

I've run remote testing to your TiVo and everything checks out fine. I'm not seeing any signal issues, hard drive problems or timeout errors. 

When you followed the instructions on the sticky, did this reboot your TiVo?




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