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Adding more channels to bundle


I recently moved house and upgraded to the Big Bang package which went really smoothly.

However, I've noticed that I don't get as many as the channels as I had expected to - which is an error on my part. I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it would be to change up to the Big Fun bundle? I've compared prices and it only an extra few pounds per month which I would be more than happy to pay, but the upgrade options available to me when I log into my account tells me it would be an extra £19 a month.

Has anyone had any experience in trying to change packages shortly after joining?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Adding more channels to bundle

Each customer gets a different deal rightly it wrongly. It my opinion this is one of the things in selling to services that needs sorting out. 

The best way to sort it out is to ring and see what they say. Of course if you do change package your contract will start again afresh. 

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