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Tuning in
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Adding chsnnels

Hi. So if I want to add extra channels-I know you just phone up or do via remote, but how much are the extra chsnnels? Do you pay per channel or do you get so many channels to choose from for a set amount? How much roughly are they? Can you cancel them at any time? Thank you!
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Re: Adding chsnnels

The best way usually is to give them a ring.

The channels are already grouped into bundles, so if there's a specific channel you're after then you'd have to check the bundles to see what TV package the channel you would like is in.
Scroll down to "Check out the channels you'll enjoy" and click Expand to view the various channels available on each package.

Unless you're adding the Sky Sports or Movie channels, then upgrading would constitute a change of package and you'd start a new contract.

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