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Activation fee

I was told there would be no activation fees on signing up, it looks like £100 has been credited but there is still £60 worth of activation charges on my account on my first bill which is £200+ - i moved to virgin so it would be cheaper not more expensive than sky!

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Re: Activation fee

Should have gone to Talktalk then!

Not much difference between Virgin and Sky in the region of charges and poor customer support these days my friend!


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Re: Activation fee

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Agreed that activation fee is a scam
It should be folded into monthly charge
When I buy a pint of milk , I don't expect to pay a charge for buying it
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Re: Activation fee

Hi Craiggaynor, thanks for your post.

I'm sorry to hear there's some unexpected charges on your bill.

I can definitely look into this for you, but I'll need some details first.

I'll send you a private message shortly and we'll take it from there.


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