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500GB Tivo sharing connection with SuperHub2

After upgrading to a 1TB Tivo as the main box, I later added a 500GB Tivo and SuperHub2. The engineer who fitted the 500GB Tivo connected it to a second location outlet which was already installed, but had to add a separate amplifier which splits between the Tivo and SuperHub2. When I watch a program or recording on the second Tivo it works fine for a limited time then decides to freeze or start to boot itself, the box also seems to also stay on, but not respond to the remote. I also have noticed speed issues with the internet and I think that this may also be down to the signal coming from the second outlet. I have run the self tests with both boxes, with no issues, how can I get an engineer out to check the signal strength for the boxes?



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Re: 500GB Tivo sharing connection with SuperHub2

Tivo's have their own dedicated internet connection so it can't be affecting your speed. That may well be over utilisation (too many people using the system). 


You may well have a dud box so ring in and book an engineer. Also mention your internet so that can be checked at the same time. 

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Re: 500GB Tivo sharing connection with SuperHub2

Hi PhilH10,


Cheers for popping into the Community for the first time, welcome in! Smiley Happy


It's awesome to see that you've got two TiVo's in the home and I'm sorry to hear about the freezing when viewing the shows and some on the Broadband too. I've tested both TiVo's, the Super Hub and they're responding well with no tell tale signs of anything out of the ordinary.


I would like to ask if this is happening on a particular show or time of day when the recording is in action, I can understand that you've already done some test but would love to know these two bits of info. 


Also as for the speeds for the Broadband, can you please post some speed tests in Modem mode with an Ethernet cable plugged into a PC?


Keep in touch and speak to you soon Smiley Happy 



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